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Soho Store

// 2018

// New York, New York

// Retail

// 2600 SQ FT


A feasibility study for a store in Soho where we looked at developing a system of display furniture that could be both present and fold away into the background during intended events. The storefront featured irregular masonry side walls that were normalized by a new modular wall system with built-in shelving, providing an open and light backdrop for display.

Materials including recycled plastic, mirror, and lacquered millwork would reflect light through the interior, and a series of custom display racks would pivot in points indicated by inlays in a double-cast concrete floor. The front of the store would have accordion-style shop windows to create a direct relationship with the street. The design was both light, open, and airy while remaining specific in its character and components.


// Diagram

//Pivoting display furniture creates either a dense environment for display or an open area for events


// Plan



// Section

//Section looking west

//Section looking east


// Axonometric

//Pivoting displays

// End