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East New York Art Studios

// Completed, 2019

// Brooklyn, New York

// Art Studios

// 7,200 SQ FT

// G. Constructor: Rigo Management

// Millwork: Graham Anderson


For this project we overhauled a near-derelict tea factory into 7,200sf of mixed-use art studios and galleries in East New York, Brooklyn. This required reintroducing systems and structure to an existing and inconsistent envelope while producing two contrasting interior conditions: 12 “white cube” studios and galleries and an almost untouched poche of common spaces, separated by a playful line constantly jogging at 45 degrees.

The building has been appended many times over the past ninety years, leading to a series of idiosyncratic juxtapositions of materials, systems, and structures that are highlighted by the design. The friction between these contradictions—found and new; rough and clean—reveals itself through material assemblies inside and out. This current iteration adds to that collection while strategically altering, enlarging and infilling some of the existing apertures: rationalizing the existing building while revealing its history.


//Photography by Michael Vahrenwald/Esto

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// Diagram

//The design saw many sites of negotiation between new and found conditions, catalogued in part below and which informed many of the design decisions.


// Plan

//White = Additions //Plan of Basement

//White = Additions //Plan of Ground Floor

//White = Additions //Reflected Ceiling Plan

//White = Additions //Plan of Second Floor


// Elevation

//White = Additions //South Elevation

// End