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Gnomes / Lawn Redrawn

// 2017

// New York, NY // Los Angeles, CA

// Object

// Available for purchase at MoCA Stores

// Distributed by This X That


The garden gnome is a funny kind of object: a free-standing outdoor ornament, light-heartedly playful, unoriginally figural, unapologetically kitsch. Alongside other garden furniture and decoration, it illustrates the lawn’s status as a flattened version of nature, a hybrid of domestic myth and the wild outdoors.

For this series we look at the gnome and squint. What is left is a series of abstract compositions—some primitive and figural, others loose aggregations of defined shapes. New combinations of materials define these forms: articulating their geometries and rethinking the pallet of a lawn, a patio, or an urban balcony. By treating each piece as a combination of interlocking planes, we bring the gnome to the domestic interior as a flattened volume. Lighter and cheaper, they occupy the line between useless and functional, decorative and sculptural.


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