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Lab Cult

// 2018

// Canadian Center for Architecture

// Drawing Commission

// Graphic Design: Louise Paradis


A series of drawings commissioned for the exhibition “Lab Cult” at the Canadian Center of Architecture, organized and curated by Evangelos Kotsioris. The show—which sets out to look at how architecture and science are both mutually inflecting and work together to produce spaces of knowledge and scientific production (the lab)—is organized around a series of case studies. These all look at the space and spatialization of science in themes through “Measuring Movement,” “Designing Instruments,” “Visualizing Forces,” “Testing Animals,” “Building Models”, and “Observing Behavior.”

The drawings were designed to visualize the forces and processes inherent to each of these pairs. They abstract the space of the lab—denying “the room” as an interior and instead highlighting the physical affects of experimentation in relation to other actors—linking scientist to apparatus to subject. The lab itself becomes an imaginary, fluid, and abstract host of networks of knowledge production, a place of potential and where architecture takes on a new, undefined and open-ended charge.


//Photography by CCA

// Drawing



//Installation Elevation