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March Under An Empty Reign

// 2018 (October 13 - 15)

// Joyce Theater, New York

// Installation

// Collaborator: Donna Uchizono Company

// Fabrication: OSP / New Affiliates


A collaboration with the choreographer Donna Uchizono as a part of the Joyce Theater’s Quadrille series. We used this project to investigate overlaps between architectural form and the human body. Through abstraction and composition and following our initial impressions of the performance, we looked at how pressure morphs and dismorphs shape; how figures collide, move apart, and achieve delicate balances between stasis and mobility.

We used the space of the theater itself to further inflect this study, binding the set-piece to the loge, the ceiling trusses, the lighting catwalk, and the stage itself. The suspended forms where tied to each other and tied to the theater, creating multiple force vectors that kept them frozen in a dynamic state between potential and kinetic energy. Like a still taken of a dancer in motion, tension distorts the object that hangs mutely over the performance.


//Photography by Jesse Seegers

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//Concept drawing: Anatomy of a Circle: Body, Proportion, Tension

//Concept drawing: Spheres over an annotated drawing of the performance.


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