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Martha Rosler: Irrespective

// 2018 -19 (November - March)

// The Jewish Museum, New York

// Exhibition Design

// 4500 SQ FT

// Fabrication: South Side Design and Building


The main challenge of this exhibition was to create a spatial framework through which to organize thirty-plus years of Martha Rosler’s work—a range of media, rhetoric, and type—without being overly rigid. The work itself is full of contradictions and transgressions, and in looking closely at the artist’s career, we understood the work as in dialogue both with the city and with larger cultural structures. What makes the work powerful is its own reshuffling of the city and those structures, mostly through highlighting how they may seen anew through different perspectives, through collaging, and through spatial layering.

We took these methods and applied them to the layout of the galleries themselves, creating a diagonal wall grid off-set from the perimeter walls by 45 degrees. As visitors walked through the spaces they were always walking ‘against’ the grain of the museum itself, and the resultant galleries varied largely in size, character, and arrangement. This meant that each space was distinct, and that there was a subtle sense of disorientation throughout the exhibition that resonated with the artist’s work through its slippages and overlaps. More information on the exhibition here


//Photography by Evangelos Kotsioris

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// Concept Diagram

//Concept diagram for gallery layout


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