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Museum of Walls Without Walls

// 2018

// Invited Competition //Creative Arts Partnership

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The Museum of Walls Without Walls is a competition entry for an imagined exhibition space where we float fragments of other architectural designs (by peers and colleagues) in an endless corridor as display surfaces. The project looks at how images and forms circulate in contemporary practice; how they have limited lifespans; how we might deploy a collective creative energy to extend their use.

For the project, we looked at how the digitization of information and environment have transformed space—including new interpretations of scale (everything is both large and small), proximity (the collapse of near and far), and time. Navigating digital information asks us to construct narratives through juxtapositions which we try and reproduce here through texture mapping and pairing known pavilions with works of art. If André Malreaux’s ‘museum without walls’ first moved the museum to the book, now we have a chance to maintain the latter’s democratic ethos while re-spatializing it within the digital medium (with walls!). Our museum describes itself through different digital media, from google maps to instagram, and operates as an encounter and a destination; an imagined site and a real virtual space.


// Video


// Diagram

//A collection of surfaces (curation)

//Mapping artwork onto pavilions


// Drawing

//Plan oblique

//Interactions between museum structure (walls) and display surfaces (fragments) //We look into known design tools, the section, to define a series of choreographed juxtapositions.


// Encounter


//Google Earth


//Instagram Search and Discover


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