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Display for Opening Ceremony

// 2018

// New York, New York

// Fabrication

// Régime des Fleurs/Opening Ceremony

// Fabrication: Studio Kina


An in-the-round display column with a precarious tripartite structure. The shaft, a fabricated rock, is a textured volume suspended between a blocky base and capital. Display cases are cut in and extruded from its profile; neolithic cubbies in different shapes and sizes. Above and below the central form, mirrored and high-vis yellow surfaces bounce a vibrant wash over its craggy whitewashed exterior. We treated this project as an informal study of form: to look at material contrasts; and to manipulate a basic organization by creating an unexpected sense of instability.


//Photography by Michael Vahrenwald/Esto

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// Drawing


//We imagined this display as something between a classical column and a totem and made a series of compositions that were both monolithic and unstable.


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