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Tunbridge Winter Cabin

// 2017

// Tunbridge, Vermont

// Cabin // Painting Studio

// 1,250 SQ FT

// G. Contructor: Coltere Savidge


A small painting studio on 65 acres in the Green Mountains of Vermont overlooking a pastoral valley and surrounded by dense forest. The structure was designed and built in eight months, a quick project as an informal getaway while a larger house is designed for the property that overlooks the valley.

For the design, we looked to Vermont's strange aggregate structures where barns, houses, and sheds all grow on and around each other, clustering, it almost seems, for warmth. Here, the studio is set off-angle from a two-story living area, maximizing orientations facing the surrounding landscape. In keeping with the efficient insulation strategy and in lieu of large window-walls, smaller square windows throughout frame moments of the landscape through considered picturesque tableaux.


//Photography by Michael Vahrenwald/Esto

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// Diagram


//Studying local aggregate structures in Vermont.


//Studying the possibilities of framed landscape views.

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//Plan of Ground Floor

//Plan of Second Floor

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