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Welcome Tent

// 2017

// Governor’s Island, New York

// Temporary Pavilion

// Research


Welcome Tent invents a second home for forgotten large-scale objects. For this competition entry, we begin with four previously-built and decommissioned pavilion fragments to act as architectural elements that anchor another kind of form—a skin of construction debris netting stretched over the structural skeleton of a party tent. The architectural fragments are arrayed in and around this skeleton, pushing and pulling it into a new, amorphous volume that is always in transition; a blurry reflection of its constituent components.

Through this project we consider architectural waste and architectural production—opening up the potential of “re-use” to accommodate ephemera produced by new forms of practice. Between expos, biennials and small scale competitions there’s a world of architecture produced each year at a scale that’s too big to store and too important to ignore. Welcome Tent arranges those objects within its structure to loosely define areas for performance and other public gatherings. In it, we look at the collapse between construction, recycling, and production.


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// Installation Plan //Welcome Tent is designed as the result of the tension between the found pieces and the netting, to accommodate various programmatic configurations.


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